cheating husband or boyfriend solution

Stealthy traps, sneaky setups and investigation techniques for females to use on their partner.

The Spy Coach Playbook

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cheating husband or boyfriend solution

The Spy Coach Playbook

“The Spy Coach Playbook” provides easy-to-follow instructions for relationship testing and mind games that will prove your boyfriend or husband has cheated or is willing to cheat if given the chance.



Playbook includes:


  • The top three ways to get your partners phone passcode without using spy software!

  • How to get his passwords the easy way! So easy - you'll wonder why you've never thought about this before!

  • H ow pretending to find an earring or pair of panties in his room or vehicle can get him to spill the beans. There is one crucial step in our instructions, if done exactly as explained, will bust him 100% of the time if he has something to hide. 

  • H ow to detect if your partner has ejaculated while he was out of the house. 

  • How to test his underwear to find traces of vaginal fluid that have been transferred there by his penis.

  • A  sample “secret admirer note" you can get one of your girl friends to handwrite for you and place on his windshield along with a phone number for him to text... will he take the bait?

  • How to catfish him without going through all the work of setting up a fake account. This unique method also guarantees that you will not get caught!

  • How to trick him into revealing who he secretly has a crush on. It involves sending him a special website link over text... This one is pure genius and works every time!

  • How to sub-consciously turn him off from girls you suspect he may be attracted to.

  • How to find out the real number of girls he has slept with by wording the question in a clever way that will make him want to tell you absolute truth.

  • How to know if he thinks your vagina is loose compared to girls he has been with previously.

  • One subtle test to do during your first date to find out if he is the generous sugar daddy type or no fun cheapskate.

  • How to get him to admit if he has an STD and how to tell by looking at the head of his penis if he has ever been treated for warts (HPV).

  • How to trick him into unintentionally saying which of your friends he is most attracted to.

  • And more!

cheating husband or boyfriend solution


CAUTION: DISTURBING DIRTY SECRETS that your boyfriend or husband is hiding from you may be exposed as a result of following the instructions contained in my Spy Coach Playbook! 

Disclaimer: The author of "The Spy Coach Playbook" assumes no liability for any personal harm, property damages or broken relationships that may occur as a result of implementing any of the methods described in this info guide. The information contained herein is for entertainment purposes only.

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